Extensive expertise in the design of Automatic Guided Vehicles, materials handling solutions & industrial automation.

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Scaglia INDEVA® is in the business of the low cost automation since 1980 & has been supplying solutions for lean manufacturing applications, namely components for modular structures (INDEVA Lean System) & Automatic Guided Vehicles since year 2000.

INDEVA Automatic Guided Vehicles have been designed expressly for companies that apply the lean manufacturing principles. Thanks to their modularity, flexibility & easy-to-use features they represent an effective & low cost solution for assembly lines & logistics. The use of AGVs proved to increase efficiency & reduce costs related to the task of carrying material from warehouse to the assembly line.

Emphasis on ‘easy-to-use’ & ‘make-it-yourself’ principles is the main focus of our INDEVA® AGVs overall design. In fact we do strongly believe that in a fast changing world the user has an important advantage in being independent in the PROGRAMMING, MAINTENANCE & POSSIBLE modifications of their vehicles.

The INDEVA® AGVs are designed by INDEVA® R&D personnel with the cooperation of research institution & universities for the most critical & advanced control techniques. INDEVA is committed to continuously update its AGV’s software & features to ensure alignment to the technology edge.

Scaglia Indeva® is the only European company that designs & manufacture in Europe modular AGV for Lean manufacturing.

Nowadays Scaglia INDEVA® can boast wide expertise & know-how in supplying state of the art internal material handling solutions with a large portfolio of satisfied customers among the most important corporations in the AUTOMOTIVE & NON-AUTOMOTIVE industries.

Following are some of the many Companies who are satisfactorily using INDEVA® AGVs:

Advantages of AGVs – compared to traditional forklift trucks with operators.


  • Precise & safe operation: Predictability of AGVs; routes remain unchanged over time. Operation 24/7 with no human intervention required. Elimination of the risks associated with use of forklift trucks. No damage caused by AGVs to goods, machinery or permanent structures
  • Easy-to-assemble & easy-to-maintain: thanks to ‘all plugs’ feature. All components are connected using connectors that do not require the use of screwdriver. This allows a very easy and quick assembly or replacement of parts.
  • Advanced programming interface: Quick & easy programming by means of a touch panel or PC interface. Possibility to introduce interfaces with external input/output signals. Thanks to the closed-loop control system, the AGV does not require initial parameter set-ups. Only basic settings (hour and date, language choice, password) are required at the AGV installation. The software interface is designed to be self-explanatory and does not require long training to learn the programming of the AGV.
  • Higher speed & stability in turns: A closed loop control system enables precise tracking of the magnet guide tape without deviation or variation.
  • Flexibility: No conventional materials-handling infrastructures required. The number of AGVs can be increased as business grows. Updates are possible without shutting down the entire system. Work flow shared efficiently & dynamically between AGVs in use. Routes are easy to reconfigure if needed, new AGVs easily added. Compatibility with any type of automation. Traffic management system guaranteed to avoid collision.
  • Efficient, reliable & flexible transport: Just-in-time delivery. No destination errors. More precise inventory management. Elimination of material stocked on the production floor.
  •  Optimum quality to price ratio: Low running and maintenance costs.