• Active Traction System
  • Safe and ergonomic
  • Single type of platform
  • High velocity of movement
  • Fully mechanical and reliable
  • Flexible deliveries
  • Transport of different containers


is the most innovative intralogistics system . The current system consists of platforms used to transport trolleys in the form of trains, trolleys for manual transport and special turntables. The system was developed based on experience gained by our design division over two years of project work and numerous consultations with companies from the demanding automotive industry. Keeping in mind the high expectations of our customers, we focus on quality, versatility and safety and aim to make the maintenance of our products as easy as possible.

E-Liner Features


The platforms retain full stability, even if the load's centre of gravity is elevated.


The system does not require any specific truck, so the user is fully free to choose any type of pulling equipment. Our platforms are suitable for operation with all trucks manufactured in Europe.


Coupled platforms move along a route determined by movements of the truck. This is achieved due to the ‘forced turn principle’. This means that an angular movement of the tow bar entails simultaneous movements of all caster sets in the train. This solution facilitates manoeuvring, limits the turn radius and ensures full predictability of the train movement path.


The platforms may be oriented in a train to the left or to the right. The result is that loading and unloading operations may be completed on both sides, and consequently it is possible to service the production line on both sides of the transport route.

E-Liner Advantages

Smooth Loading

Due to the inertia loading mechanism implemented in the trolley, less force is required to place it on a platform than to start the trolley (see the graph below). Additionally, the platform is equipped with angled guiding components to make trolley mounting easy. The angled sections compensate for minor deviations from the required path when a trolley is mounted on the platform.

Able to transport different containers

The single E-Liner platform is able to transport different containers without any special adjustments. The E-Liner platform can dock two trolleys with dimensions of 1000x600 and 800x600 [mm] at the same time, or a single trolley with dimensions of 1200×1000, 1200×800 or 1600×1200 [mm]. This means that a single E-Liner tugger train system is able to transport different kinds of containers at the same time.

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