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AUTOMOTIVE – Air Conditioners

The AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY is undoubtedly among the most advanced in applying the latest ergonomics principles in their technology choices & process setting.

The AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY is the one that above all adopted very strict guidelines regarding safety & ergonomics for operators, thus requiring advanced technology that ensures precise, fast & smooth movements, with rotations & special sensors.

The traditional manipulators have some limitations to achieve these requirements, due to the pneumatic control technology. Where load positioning precision & good load visibility are required or for repetitive & frequent movements it is necessary a manipulator featuring lightweight, compact design & above all true auto-balancing technology; a manipulator able to react in real time at the very touch of the operator with no need of extra effort to counteract the inertia & gravity forces in the first detachment of the load from its support and in the change of direction along the Z axis. This is only possible with the Intelligent Devices for Handling or INDEVA®.

An INDEVA® is defined in the literature as a single axis or multiple device that employs a programmable control system hybrid computer – man to amplify human strength. It’s an intelligent industrial manipulator that allows the operator to manipulate, with almost no effort, any object within the work area. Therefore for handling & precisely positionining air conditioners inside a restricted area in a vehicle frame it is necessary to use an intelligent device for handling INDEVA®.


INDEVA® Manipulators have been repetitively chosen by many Companies in the automotive industry because of the great expertise of Scaglia INDEVA® in the design of custom end effectors for gripping back doors.

Usually load gripping is by means of vacuum. The INDEVA® manipulator can either be column mounted or overhead rail mounted & model can be PN Series (pneumatic control) or Lifronic® Series (electronic control).


With our solutions you can handle all kind of bumpers.

Handling bumpers by means of INDEVA® manipulators increase ergonomics, safety & productivity.

AUTOMOTIVE – Clutch assembly & components

Industrial manipulators INDEVA® are the ideal solution or handling clutch parts in the automotive industry because they feature:

  • True AUTO BALANCING technology
  • SPEED: faster than hoists & pneumatic manipulators
  • PRECISE POSITIONING, thanks to electronic control
  • LIGHTNESS & EASE of use, ’cause they are compact with ergonomic design
  • LOW INERTIA, thanks to electronic control
  • LOW MAINTENANCE / service cost


Pneumatic or electronic Manipulators INDEVA® for handling car doors in the automotive industry. Doors of vehicles differ very much depending on the model of car, tractor, bus. etc… Scaglia INDEVA® boasts long expertise in the design of custom solutions for handling all types of doors along the assembly line in the automotive industry.

AUTOMOTIVE – Engine chassis

With our solutions you can handle all kind of engine chassis.

AUTOMOTIVE – Front ends

Industrial manipulators INDEVA® for handling front ends in the AUTOMOTIVE industry.

Scaglia INDEVA® boasts great expertise in the design of custom end effectors for handling front ends in the AUTOMOTIVE industry.

AUTOMOTIVE – Gear boxes

The complete SOLUTION for gear boxes.


Manipulators of the PN Series or the Liftronic® series equipped with vacuum gripper for handling glasses of diferent shapes in the AUTOMOTIVE industry.

AUTOMOTIVE – Handling Batteries

Handling batteries for uploading them into a car or vehicle.

Many INDEVA® MANIPULATORS have been supplied to companies in the automotive industry for handling batteries & positioning them into a car. This operation can be carried out either by means of PNEUMATIC MANIPULATOR of the PN Series or by means of an electronic manipulators Series Liftronic®. Custom designed end effectors to suit different types of batteries & work areas.

AUTOMOTIVE – Handling Dashboards

Scaglia INDEVA® has supplied hundreds of lift assist devices for handling dashboards to many companies within the automotive industry worldwide.

Scaglia INDEVA® studies each request which is able to advise & provide the best load handling solution for each specific application: or pneumatic manipulators with rigid vertical arm (PN Series) or electronic manipulators with rope system (Liftronic® Series) or manipulators Liftronic® Air Series with rigid pantograph arm, pneumatic drive & electronic control.


Great expertise in the design of special gripping tools for handling hoods of different shapes.

AUTOMOTIVE – Motor shafts

Handling motor shafts in the AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY by means of INDEVA® manipulators of the Liftronic Air series.

Liftronic Air manipulators are appreciated in the AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY for being as robust as traditional pneumatic manipulators but as sensitive & precise as the INDEVA® intelligent lift assistors.

AUTOMOTIVE – Motorbikes

An INDEVA® is the most suitable solution for handling motorbikes pieces.

AUTOMOTIVE – Radiators

INDEVA® for AUTOMOTIVE handling radiators.


Our solution for handling REAR AXELS.

AUTOMOTIVE – Handling Car Seats

The complete solution for all kind of SEATS.

AUTOMOTIVE – Load Handling Shocks & Absorbers

INDEVA for automotive handling SHOCK ABSORBERS.


Easily handled sides with INDEVA® products.


Easily handled SUNROOF with INDEVA® products.

AUTOMOTIVE – Tire assemblies

INDEVA® for AUTOMOTIVE handling TIRE groups.

AUTOMOTIVE – Tire rims

With INDEVA® you can easily handle all kind of RIMS.

AUTOMOTIVE – Automotive Various components

INDEVA® for AUTOMOTIVE for handling various components.

AUTOMOTIVE – Wheels & Tires

INDEVA® for handling all kind of WHEELS & TIRES.

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