BAGS – Bag emptying

With an INDEVA® Liftronic® Series you can empty & fill sacks or bags in a very ergonomic & safe way.

An INDEVA®, in fact, keeps the gripping tool perfectly still whilst the bag is being filled or emptied & its weight is changing. This is possible thanks to the self-balancing technology, unique feature of the Intelligent Devices for Handling (INDEVA®); the operator does not have to apply extra force for keeping the load still while the weight is changing & does not have to adjust the system by means of a pressure regulator.

The use of an INDEVA® turns manual handling of bags truly ergonomic & safe for the operator.

In case of unexpected power interruption the tool with the bag firmly gripped slowly descends to the ground & when the bag is released the tool doesn’t snap upward but remains weightless with the operator in PERFECT CONTROL.

BAGS – Bag gripping by mechanical jaws & hooks

INDEVA® Manipulators with custom hooks or clamps for gripping plastic, cloth or paper bags.

If vacuum gripping is not suitable, custom mechanical clamps or hooks are simple & efficacious gripping tools for bags.

The INDEVA® can be Liftronic® or Liftronic® Easy Series, equipped with sensitive handles of custom lenght to suit different handling requirements.

The AUTO BALANCING & the electronic control features make an INDEVA® lift assist device the safest, most ergonomic & user friendly bag gripping handling solution available nowadays on the market.

BAGS – Vacuum grippers

INDEVA® vacuum grippers for handling bags feature the highest safety standard.

  • INDEVA® manipulators for handling bags by vacuum do not allow bag lifting if vacuum is below safety level.
  • INDEVA® manipulators will start a slow & safe descent towards the floor if vacuum becomes insufficient after the load has been lifted, (unless differently required).
  • INDEVA® manipulators do not allow load release if the bag is not safely placed on a support, unless differently required.

The INDEVA® manipulators can be equipped with multi-function tools suitable for gripping bags, boxes, buckets & bins.

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