Building Materials

BUILDING MATERIALS – Handling Concrete Blocks & Bricks

Companies manufacturing building material must make sure that manual handling of concrete blocks & bricks is carried out quickly but above all safely. It is therefore absolutely necessary for all of them to provide each worker in charge of manual load handling with an INDEVA® manipulator.

An INDEVA®, in fact, being an electronic balancer that automatically & continuously detects & counter balances the weight of the load, eliminating the effects due to inertia, is the ideal solution for handling concrete blocks or bars in frequent & rapid work cycles.

The INDEVA® manipulators differ from traditional lifting systems such as hoists & compressed AIR MANIPULATORS, due to their many technological advantages, which result in: increased productivity,

  • Fast & precise movements.
  • 4 times faster than a hoist; ergonomics thanks to the ERGONOMIC design,
  • HANDLING flexibility even along the X- and Y axis allowed by the rope flexible tool support;
  • Ergonomic solution also thanks to the truly self-balancing technology that allows the operator to move loads at a speed appropriate to each situation,
  • In a natural & intuitive way, with no need to keep any button
  • Pressed all the time for up/down moves;
  • Greater ease & accuracy in load positioning, compared to a pneumatic manipulator; thanks to the INDEVA®’s
  • High sensitivity & reactivity the operator can handle
  • Heavy & bulky loads with the same ease, movement coordination & flexibility as in manual handling of loads weighing only of a few grams; much more user friendly than any other type of lift assist device, having no buttons to press & keep pressed.
  • No regulation needed when picking a load with a different weight, thanks to its self-balancing technology;
  • Greater savings thanks to lower energy consumption compared to that required for a pneumatic manipulator or a hoist.

BUILDING MATERIALS – Handling of Tiles

INDEVA® manipulators with standard gripping tools as SCISSOR or LINEAR chucks are the ideal solution for the handling of tiles. INDEVA® manipulators with custom gripping tools equipped with suction cups are the ideal solution for handling ceramic or marble slabs.

The INDEVA®’s safety devices against load fall as well as controlled & precise movements allowed by the INDEVA® technology make an INDEVA® manipulator the safest & most profitable solution for handling delicate loads.

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