Mechanics – parts & tools


Mechanical drills & tools

INDEVA® Manipulators to support a drill or any tool during machining.

An INDEVA® is the only solution for holding a drill & use it precisely without effort for a long time.

An INDEVA®, in fact, thanks to electronic control technology, automatically & immediately counter balances the load weight, it senses even the slightest weight change, thus allowing the operator to move & maintain the drill in position effortlessly & in perfect control.

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Mechanical Various Components

Thanks to the great versatility of the INDEVA® manipulators that allow the use of different gripping tools, we can provide the most suitable solution for handling mechanical components of various shapes & sizes.

  • Possibility of equipping the gripping tool with a long sensitive handle & with devices for rotating the load by 90°, 180° or 360°.
  • Possibility to handle loads offset from the center of gravity of the tool grip.
  • Load gripping can be mechanicallly, pneumatically or electrically operated, or by magnet

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Transmission units gears

INDEVA® manipulators for handling gears & transmission units components

INDEVA® Manipulators with gripping tools suitable for gripping & moving cylindrical or circular drive unit components. The INDEVA® lift assist device allows quick & precise component handling on the assembly or machining line, as well as in the logistics area for placing the component into a container.

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